"The War Room" @ Fancy Film Post

"Fancy Film was the ideal space for our Writer's Room! Everyone loved the creative and inspiring Silverlake location and vibe, and the friendliness and support of the staff. It's rare to find a place near where everyone wants to eat and hang out, that also has such top notch technical support and facilities. And valet parking to boot!"  

                                                                                             -Annie Weisman, writer

Steps away from Sunset Junction in Silverlake, this conference room is known affectionately as 

"The War Room" because of its thematic artwork and Silverlake flair.


Popular with writers' groups and production teams, the large wooden meeting table is ringed by a couch and additional chairs, seats 12 at the table and an additional 6-8 people. 

Free Wifi. Includes an Apple-TV-connected wallmounted 47" flatscreen monitor.


  • Control your own A/C unit. 

  • Choose your lighting: Lots of natural sunlight, or set the drapes all the way to Blackout.

  • Inquire about coffee / beverage service.

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